I started this blog post on Dec. 28 in an effort to say something at Paul’s memorial service. I’ve been trying to revive the blog, but put it off until I could finish this post. I ended up reviving the blog but I wasn’t able to make myself finish this post until now. Tuesday, Dec. […]

How can this sweet girl be two months old already? Maddie had her two-month doctors appointment this afternoon. Our little chubster weighs 11 pounds 15 ounces! She’s 23 inches long. I managed to forget she would get shots today! She wasn’t a fan. She slept most of the evening after the shots, except when she […]

The diaper bag is packed, bottles and pump parts ready… Eight weeks and four days after I last saw my office, I return to work tomorrow. No longer pregnant and immobile, but taking 8-week-old Madelyn to daycare. Our lives have changed so much these last two months. It seems so long ago but also like […]

Last Thursday Peyton graduated from 4k!  Peyton grew up so much this year! I love seeing his imagination at work and how he loves. At the ceremony, the teachers gave each student awards along with their diploma. I personally think Peyton gives the best hugs.  But someone else got that award. Peyton got the award […]

I never understood the women who would be so sad when they’ve had their last child. But now that I’ve had my last child, I get it. Maybe its these darn pregnancy hormones still raging through my body. The night we got home from the hospital, it hit me… It’s all done, what now? And […]

Allie’s class published a book! Its all about what the kids want to be when they grow up! Allie wants to be a zookeeper. There were a few future zookeepers, but the most popular career choice was veterinarian and ninja! Look how well Allie is writing now! She’s also getting so good at reading. You’d […]

We had a fun weekend! Saturday I ran the Run Madtown Twilight 5k and I had to pick up my face packet in the afternoon. I took the kids and we hung around Monona Terrace rooftop for a while.  Then we spent some time playing outside at home and making our doughnuts! The race was […]