Monthly Archives: June 2015

June mileage and gearing up for training

June saw increased mileage since spraining my ankle in May. My ankle is still a little tender and I still wear my brace when I run. But I did end up cancelling my physical therapy appointment for today. My ankle does continue to improve. I’ve been in physical therapy enough to know what to do, […]

Race photos!

See my full race report here. So it turns out we got to download race photos for free! And ironically enough, the photos where I was trying to be ready for the camera were awful. But photos from the finish line are pretty good! I also finally got my official time… 36:08. Not bad!

Her Madison 5k

My sister Jeni and I ran a 5K together a year and a half ago and we’ve wanted to run another one, but she just had her baby girl last fall, so it wasn’t really a possibility until this summer! Jeni found the Her Madison Half Marathon and 5K a couple months ago. She even […]

Nature walk in the city

Saturday afternoon we needed to get the kids out of the house for a bit and decided to go over to an area with walking paths near our house. There’s a large wetland area in between neighborhoods with many many paths to explore. We discovered this one the MMSD wildlife observation area. That is MMSD, […]

Pool time

Our neighbor gave us a kiddie pool to use because they got a big pool. Allie has been asking every day to go swimming. The kids have had a fun time playing in the pool with no water in it. Today was finally the day when we filled it up! For all the excitement leading […]

A day for Dada

We had such a fun and full day celebrating Dada. It started with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Then after some relaxing time we headed out to the park. Today we checked out the Goodland County Park near our house. It didn’t have a huge playground, but the kids enjoyed it. Allie really liked this […]

Steamy stroll

Sunday we were talking about going to the mall play area. We thought it was still supposed to rain and Dada had mentioned on Friday morning going to the mall. Allie doesn’t forget things like that, so she kept asking. But I realized it was going to be nice so we decided to head to […]