Running right now

This sprained ankle from Mother’s Day was worse than sprains I’ve had in a while. It wasn’t the gift I wanted! I was off running for nearly three weeks. I had a lot of bruising and it seemed like more pain than it should have been. So I went to the doctor about two and a half weeks out. The doctor found no evidence of fracture or complete tears, she said it was just a bad sprain and referred me to physical therapy.

Of course two days after I was at the doctor my ankle felt much better and I got out for my first run since the injury! Go figure. My issue now is the endurance I lost. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but I was still working to acclimate myself to the hills of the new neighborhood. I’ve increased my miles in each run and my weekly mileage. Last week I ran 8! Woo hoo! I ran two runs of 3 miles and one of 2 miles. You have to start somewhere! I’m taking it slow. Slower than I’d like, but I’ll get it back. I was going to try and run longer this morning, but it was raining so I had to drive to the gym and I didn’t have as much time. I hope the weather improves because our gym membership is frozen for three months starting Saturday!

Anyway, I do hope to lengthen my run to 4 miles this week and maybe 5 next week to at least get back to my previous mileage.

My shoes are worn out, at least mileage wise. I figured the condition of my shoes contributed to my fall. But my shoes actually don’t seem too bad because when my shoes wear out, my shins and knees hurt after running. They don’t hurt yet. So I guess the real problem is that I’m clumsy. I just need to make sure I stay on even ground for running and I’ll be fine!

I made an appointment for physical therapy, but its not until June 30. I’m actually thinking right now I’m going to cancel it. My ankle is feeling better. I know all the physical therapy stuff. I just need to do it. Wasting my time going in to the sports medicine clinic isn’t going to make me do it. I am already doing some exercises. I just need to do them more consistently. But compared to how my ankle was feeling when I went to the doctor, it is a lot better now. Its just taking longer to heal than other sprains have. I was only off running a week after my last sprain. That one barely caused me any problems really! This one was definitely worse though.

I am very excited that I’ve finally gotten signed up for a race! I had put it off because I’ve been so bad about committing to races lately and then I sprained my ankle, obviously. I’m running the Her Madison 5K on June 28, with my sister Jeni. I am looking forward to running with her.

There’s a half marathon too with that race. Its actually titled the Her Madison Half Marathon and 5K. I found out about the race too late, but I am definitely keeping it in mind for next year. With how long it takes weather to warm up, a June half, assuming its not too awfully hot, would be good timing to get in a good amount of training outside, without the heat misery of the August Madison mini!

Anyway, I am excited to finally be running my second race of the year. I would like to be running more races, but I’m OK with where I am running lately. There’s plenty of other things demanding my attention right now. I don’t know what races I will run after this. I still don’t know if I will run a half marathon this year. If I were to choose an October or November half, I wouldn’t have to be seriously training until some time in August. I could hopefully increase my base mileage a bit before then. That may end up becoming the plan. The Madison half in November is the course that I ran and really enjoyed in 2011. So maybe!


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