Safety Saturday

What is with all this rain? Isn’t it summer?

We managed to get a good amount of outside time this weekend when it wasn’t raining. We started out early Saturday heading to the Safety Saturday on the Square. We walked through this a few times when Allie was small, but she was never interested. Well Peyton is VERY interested and the event has grown. The kids both really liked the safety day we went to in Oregon. We didn’t have anything planned for last weekend and then this popped up in my news feed!007Allie was kind of cranky at first, but she did think it was cool to sit in the police car. We also went into a bomb squad van and a rescue vehicle.
009They thought the bars were cool.0100001Badger football players were there giving kids temporary tattoos. Peyton thought his was so cool! He wouldn’t stop looking at it. Allie didn’t want one though.0120001This dog is a bomb sniffing dog.
And we couldn’t resist a picture with the cut out!
0170001The firefighters put on a demonstration of an extrication. They eventually took the entire top off this car. It was neat to see. Allie thought it was good that the firefighters could take the car apart to rescue someone who was in an accident and stuck inside. That’s what the safety day is all about!
0200002 0240003Allie’s favorite part may have been the police on the horseys!0270001Peyton enjoyed the bus. He is fascinated with any kind of car or truck, and lately he has been very interested in buses.0290002He says bus with a very pronounced “busssssss.”0320003 0330004Peyton was also very fascinated with the MGE (power company) truck with its lift. He didn’t want to take his eyes off it.0350005We happened to meet Maynard, the mascot of the Mallards, and Peyton got a handshake.0410006And then the firetruck demonstrated their aerial. I read somewhere that this is the department’s newest truck. It goes up 100 feet.0470007We wanted to check out other things, but as always happens when we are out, Peyton was getting tired. And it was starting to rain. So we headed home. The kids were quite entertained with the electrical safety coloring books they got! Allie kept coloring even after Peyton went to nap.

We ended up stuck inside the rest of the day. It wasn’t too bad though with the coloring. It is so much easier in this house to branch out and do things that aren’t necessarily watching TV.


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