Pool time

Our neighbor gave us a kiddie pool to use because they got a big pool. Allie has been asking every day to go swimming. The kids have had a fun time playing in the pool with no water in it. Today was finally the day when we filled it up!
For all the excitement leading up to filling the pool… it seemed like a flop at first. The water from the hose is cold, obviously! We tried putting some warm water in from the sink, but it didn’t help much.
Allie sprang out of the water as soon as she hit it!
Peyton only dipped his feet in and he liked splashing. After a bit he progressed to standing on the steps and then stepping back out.
He cried when Dada tried to put him in the water.
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Allie warmed up to the pool after a little playing. She had a great time.
And after a while, Peyton stayed on the steps…
And then he went in the water!
He was delighted when he got out of the water.
But here’s the look on his face as he was going into the water!
It was so funny… he cried when he hit the water, but was laughing in delight as soon as he got out of the water.
We had a nice evening! While the kids were playing in the pool I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. It was nice to sit out on the deck and watch the kids play and then grill dinner so I didn’t have to do any dishes!


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