Her Madison 5k

My sister Jeni and I ran a 5K together a year and a half ago and we’ve wanted to run another one, but she just had her baby girl last fall, so it wasn’t really a possibility until this summer! Jeni found the Her Madison Half Marathon and 5K a couple months ago. She even registered before me. I kept putting it off because of money issues and then because I had sprained my ankle. I finally registered about a week and a half ago and I’m glad I did!

This race was for women. And it was great! I liked what I read on the web site, the pics of the shirt and of the metal… they even gave out medals for the 5K! And they’re nice medals! Maybe my favorite part is this:
I love bondi bands and I was delighted to have them in my race bag!

This race would have been perfect timing for me to train for the half marathon. But I wasn’t motivated for a long time and I didn’t find out about it in time to really train (at least, I wasn’t interested in training when I found out about it). But I enjoyed this race a lot and have every intention of running the half next year!

Anyway… how about a race report? It started out somewhat ominously with rain and with running late to get to the start. The forecast all week was for PM thunderstorms. They were wrong unless 8 a.m. is actually PM! Jeni, Dave and the kids got here at 8:15 and we were running late to get out of the house. By the time we got out of the house, we got to the start around 8:45. It took a few minutes to park and get the kids organized. So Jeni and I got to the start with about 3 minutes to spare. I definitely don’t like cutting it that close! At least we had our race stuff in advance!

And hey, we managed to get a start photo!
034JUNE 28
It was pouring all the way to the start, but we could see the sky clearing to the west where the race was. By the time we got there, the rain had stopped! Once the rain stopped it actually was perfect running weather, nice and cool and not too humid. We had to dodge puddles at the start though.

I ran the first quarter mile with Jeni and then went ahead. We started near the back, so I passed a good number of people at first, and I won’t lie, that felt good. Anyway, my body was kind of jittery from the rush to get to the start and then the start. But I was able to settle in and feel relaxed. I was running pretty fast for me but felt pretty good. The course was a bit difficult in that the first two miles were a pretty gradual up hill. I did get pretty tired and took a short walk break just before a mile and a half. I kept it brief and then got back to running.

Just before mile 2, the course had a nice down hill, which felt good after so much going up. I was feeling tired again by the time I got to that hill, so running down was a boost. After that hill the course turned twice in quick succession and the second turn was going back up the hill we has just come down. That was also the second water stop (I had skipped the first), so I decided to walk through that water stop and up the hill.

I had read about the course and looked at the map and knew after mile 2 the course went all down hill, which makes sense… the course turned and went down the hill we had been going up! The down hill started after this last up hill where I walked. After my second walk break I ran feeling very strong. I could tell I was approaching the finish and that it was true the rest of the race was down hill. I got faster and faster and felt really good! I saw the race photographer and tried to look my best even though I never buy race photos. It will be interesting to see if I looked as good as I felt, considering how I usually look in my own race photos!
035JUNE 28
I felt really good going into the finish. Especially seeing my family at the finish.
036JUNE 28
My Garmin time is 36:10, which is 10 seconds faster than my time for the Shamrock Shuffle in March! I don’t have my official time yet… which to be honest is the only thing I haven’t liked about this race. But that really isn’t that big of a deal. The web site promises results by the end of the day. My official time is probably a couple seconds less than my Garmin time. I’d love it if my official time ends up being under 36 minutes, but I don’t think there will be that much difference between the two.

My splits:
Mile 1, 11:30. I felt a bit uncomfortable, but not awful. It was the adrenaline rush of barely getting to the start and then starting.
Mile 2, 12:19, I took a short walk break about a quarter into this mile. I’m happy when a mile with a walk break is still 12:19!
Mile 3, 11:46, second short walk break at the water station just after the mile marker. My time was helped by this mile being mostly down hill!
Last .1, the course was a bit short, I got 3.06 miles, but I don’t mind! My last bit was about 35 seconds.
037JUNE 28
I was really happy to have my family there this morning. Its been a while since they were able to go to a race with me! I haven’t been running a lot of races over the last year and a half and many of them either had bad weather, bad timing or difficult traffic/parking.
038JUNE 28
I managed to get a picture wearing my medal and then Allie took it.
040JUNE 28
It looks adorable on her! Hopefully soon we can sign her up for another kids race so she can get her own medal! She asks about a kids race every once in a while.

After we took a few pictures, we cheered Jeni on to her finish!
041JUNE 28
Her goal was to finish in under 50 minutes and she did. The clock said 49:42 when she crossed, and based on the difference between the clock and my Garmin, her time was probably around 49:05!
043JUNE 28I’m so proud of you Jeni!
044JUNE 28
We took a couple more pictures and then headed home.
045JUNE 28
047JUNE 28
Here’s a nice family picture!
049JUNE 28
It was so nice to see Jeni, Dave, Tyler and Evelyn! We haven’t seen Evelyn since she was about a month old… and she’s eight months old now and getting so big! Unfortunately they couldn’t stay too long after the race, but we are planning to go to the zoo together in a couple weeks.

Going into this race, I’m finally feeling more positive with my running again. I had a hard time falling asleep last night in part because I was excited for this race. I think now I finally have the motivation back to train for a half marathon this year! For a while I was having a hard time adjusting to running in our new neighborhood and then I sprained my ankle on Mother’s Day. Since getting back to running, I’ve been feeling stronger and more excited in general about running. Not like its a chore, like I actually want to run. Like I want to run more than just 3 miles at a time. Yay!

Over the next month or so I will up my long run to around 8 miles and then decide which race I want to run. I will aim either for the Haunted Hustle in October or the Madison half in November. I’ve run both before (the November half is the same course I ran in May 2011, they moved the marathon to November in 2013). Haunted Hustle is Oct. 25 and Madison half is two weeks later on Nov. 8. Assuming I can lengthen my long runs to around 8 miles, I would start really training sometime in August. I’ll make the decision which race based on the calendar, price and where I am with training. I am really feeling excited about this!


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