Nature walk in the city

Saturday afternoon we needed to get the kids out of the house for a bit and decided to go over to an area with walking paths near our house. There’s a large wetland area in between neighborhoods with many many paths to explore. We discovered this one the MMSD wildlife observation area. That is MMSD, as in Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. Its an area by the treatment plant where they maintain lagoons to be wildlife habitat and for recreation.
001JUNE 28
The first area we wanted to explore was this boardwalk. Mama and Dada were not disappointed, but the kids weren’t terribly interested. They looked for a little bit and then wanted to go again.
003JUNE 28
At the end of the boardwalk was a raised observation platform.
006JUNE 28
007JUNE 28
010JUNE 28
We saw across the water another gravel path and decided to follow the signs to find that path.
011JUNE 28
015JUNE 28
016JUNE 28
Part of the path was along the Capital City Trail. This is the same big trail that goes around near our house. We could have walked over to this area, its only about 2 miles, but with the kids we took the car.
018JUNE 28
019JUNE 28
The kids liked looking at the flowers along the way. The part Peyton liked the best was hearing the cars go by on the road and the bikes that passed us on the path.
020JUNE 28
After walking a short distance, we found the opening into the wildlife observation area.
023JUNE 28
There are a bunch of paths crisscrossing the lagoons. We heard and then saw a number of herons as well as geese and many other birds.
025JUNE 28
Aside from the occasional cars going by on the road, it really seemed pretty remote. It’s definitely a neat habitat to be able to see in the middle of the city.
026JUNE 28
028JUNE 28
After a while Peyton fell down and hurt his knee, he was tired… we didn’t take the stroller so he walked a lot! And we had to get home because Allie was going to a birthday party. I thought we were going to have to carry Peyton back to the car, but he was pretty happy to walk. With the cars and bikes to amuse him he walked back just fine!
030JUNE 28
Its so hard to get a good picture of him these days!
031JUNE 28
This was a nice outing when we just wanted to kill an hour before nap time! We will definitely be back!


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