June mileage and gearing up for training

June saw increased mileage since spraining my ankle in May. My ankle is still a little tender and I still wear my brace when I run. But I did end up cancelling my physical therapy appointment for today. My ankle does continue to improve. I’ve been in physical therapy enough to know what to do, and going to PT will be a waste of time because I won’t do the exercises on my own anyway. If something happens to make my ankle worse again I can make another appointment.

Anyway, June mileage is 38.1 miles. The month had a slow start because I was just getting back to running. I was off nearly three weeks with my ankle and that also took away the endurance I had built up for the hills around my house. I have slowly increased my weekly mileage and also my longest run mileage. Right now my longest since my injury is 4 miles, but I’m planning on running 5 this weekend.

Its a good thing I didn’t have a mileage goal for this year, because I only just crossed 200 for the year, 202.2 to be exact. I expect that number to increase rapidly as I train, however. My longest mileage month for the year so far was March at 51.6. While training for the half I would expect to get up to at least 75 or maybe close to 100! I’ve only logged 100 mile months twice, October 2011 and June 2013. So we’ll see if I can or want to try that this time around.

I am still feeling excited about training for a half marathon. I don’t really follow a plan. I don’t do all the fancy workouts. I just increase my long run. I’ve never been fast and while improving my time is always a goal, I go into this just looking to have a good race considering how disappointed I was with my results in the Madison Mini last August.

The plan for July is to increase my long run to 7 or 8 miles. I will keep running three days a week. Then in August I will start calling it “training,” and I may increase to running four days a week. The goal for training is to get my longest run up to 12 or 13 miles and hopefully do that a few times. Starting in August gives me three months, give or take a couple weeks depending on which race I choose, to add the 6 miles to my long run. So I can take it a little slow if I want to or need to, increasing my long run every other week and thus running each long run distance twice.

We froze our gym membership for the summer but I found a web site that offers tons and tons of free workout videos of what looks like any kind of workout you would want. I did one last week and it was way harder than it looked. So whether I’m running three or four days a week, I will hopefully also do one or two days of these videos for cross training.


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