Monthly Archives: July 2015


Its been 22 years and still, July 31 is a hard day for me. Really, the whole month of July is hard, especially the second half between the 17th and the 31st. Dad had open heart surgery in 1992 and the next year the replaced valve got infected. He went into the hospital and died […]

A great visit with family

I’m always sad when the weekend is over, but more so this week! We had a great visit from the Dursos! Grandma and Grandpa, uncle Jeff, aunt Julie, uncle Tim and cousins Carson and Cole. Friday night I cooked dinner and we hung out at home. It was a lot of work to get the […]

Running with a view

My Garmin was on the fritz for the last couple years. It officially died after my 7-miler a week and a half ago. I can’t get a new one yet, so I’m using my phone with run tracking app. Its kind of annoying to carry my phone, but I like taking pictures while I am […]

How does your garden grow?

Turns out mine grows pretty well when I do it right! Green beans have started showing in the last few days and I am SO excited that they will be ready to harvest this week and on the dinner table Friday night! I am reading about the perfect time to harvest and hoping I can […]

Summer lovin’

Two weeks! How did I let the blog go two weeks without posting? Its not for lack of things to write about. We’ve been so busy and I’ve been working on various chores at night and I don’t particularly like to get the computer out in the evenings! We are definitely enjoying our summer fun! […]

Holiday weekend fun

We had a nice holiday weekend! We had plenty of fun but also got some things done and got some relaxation in. This week is going to be a shock to the system because its going to be the first full work week for any of us in a couple weeks! We started the weekend […]