Holiday weekend fun

We had a nice holiday weekend! We had plenty of fun but also got some things done and got some relaxation in. This week is going to be a shock to the system because its going to be the first full work week for any of us in a couple weeks!

We started the weekend off on Friday with a visit from my baby sister, aka, Aunt Jocelyn. She came later in the afternoon so Peyton could get a nap. Peyton woke up in time for us to get to the zoo quickly, so we did. We like the zoo! We didn’t get there until about 45 minutes before closing, but we got to see a few animals.
002july 3
Including our little penguins!
003july 3
I have so many pictures of the kids in the penguin cutout. I hope they never take this down!
007july 3
Jocelyn hadn’t seen the bears yet, so we headed that way. Since it was close to closing time, the animals were either taken in or waiting to be taken in, presumably for dinner. The grizzlies weren’t out and the polar bears went in soon after we saw them.
009july 3
They were plenty active before their exit!
010july 3
Then it was the seals. Only one was out and it was feeding time, so it was swimming around and then poking up above the water.
013july 3
014july 3
015july 3
016july 3
Soon after taking these pictures, the one seal went inside for the night.
020july 3
The prairie dogs were certainly out and active! There were a bunch of babies.
022july 3
Since we didn’t have much zoo time, we went out to the playground at the adjoining Vilas Park. We took the long way around and enjoyed the walk!
023july 3
It looks like a post card! I’ve run through the park as part of the arb loop, but never really paid much attention to the surroundings in this area. So pretty.
025july 3
Walking companions… I was up ahead with Peyton in the stroller.
030july 3
The kids thought all the lily pads were cool. And the adults did too. We crossed two ponds and they were covered with them!
032july 3
The playground was a lot of fun! It was big and both kids enjoyed running around.
035july 3
036july 3
039july 3
I remember the woman in the shoe slide from when I was a kid! Its always painted and repainted. And its an old fashioned metal slide, that later in the afternoon wasn’t hot, so it was nice and fast! The kids went down a bunch of times!
040july 3
043july 3
On the way out we stopped for a photo op in front of the zoo sign. We go to the zoo all the time and I don’t think we’d ever taken pics here!
044july 3
047july 3
After this we walked back to the car and went home to make dinner. Aunt Jocelyn is going back to Eastern for a few more weeks but then in a month she’s heading off to grad school in Nebraska!

Saturday I took the kids to my friend’s son’s second birthday party. It was a fun time and we ended up staying pretty late. I didn’t take any pictures though. We got home and after some goofing around got the kids into bed. Dada and Mama, in what seems to be a Fourth of July tradition, finished out the day watching “Independence Day.”

Sunday was mostly chores. Its suddenly hot! The summer has been so mild so far. We did get some outside playtime before lunch and after that the kids kinda lounged the rest of the day. They had a busy weekend!


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  1. Looks like fun!


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