Summer lovin’

Two weeks! How did I let the blog go two weeks without posting? Its not for lack of things to write about. We’ve been so busy and I’ve been working on various chores at night and I don’t particularly like to get the computer out in the evenings!

We are definitely enjoying our summer fun! Sunday was going to be a zoo day with Jeni, Dave, Tyler and Evy, but Evy got sick. 😦 And Tyler is coming down with something too. Poor kids! We wanted to still go out yesterday, but by the time we were ready to go, we decided to just stay home and fill up the kiddie pool and grill lunch.
002july 20
Isn’t Peyton’s new swim suit so adorable? AND his hair cut? He got it cut on Friday. I didn’t want to get it cut, but I’m the only one. I love his long blond curls! Haircut pictures to come.
004july 20
The kids love the kiddie pool, except that the water from the hose is cold. They warmed up to playing though and we all had a good time.
006july 20
Lunch! We’ve only grilled out three times since moving into this house. But that’s still already more than we usually did per summer in the town house. Hopefully we will grill more before the summer’s out. Its so much easier to have a back yard! And maybe I can learn to grill something more than hamburgers, hot dogs and brats!
015july 20
We’ve had a lot going on in July! We’ve been to a couple parties, played outside a lot. The latest project is yard work. We’ve been doing yard work piecemeal as we’ve only recently gotten all the necessary equipment. I’m doing a bunch of weeding right now! I love the outdoor lifestyle we have now, but its a lot of work.


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  1. I’ve been working and taking classes all summer so at least one of us is having fun!


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