How does your garden grow?

Turns out mine grows pretty well when I do it right!

Green beans have started showing in the last few days and I am SO excited that they will be ready to harvest this week and on the dinner table Friday night! I am reading about the perfect time to harvest and hoping I can leave them until at least tomorrow.
007july 20
I can’t tell how many there will be, but it looks like a decent amount!
008july 20
We also have a couple teeny tiny tomatoes on one plant.
011july 20
I’m not sure how long until anything will be ready for harvest. I have two tiny green tomatoes and a few other buds developing on the one plant. My other tomato plant started out very small and while it has grown, its still a lot smaller. They were two different kinds of tomato plants (I have no idea what kind though). So we will just wait and see on this one!

A week ago I decided to replant about half the garden. I replanted the cilantro in a pot, and then a thunderstorm that evening left it all bent over and it still doesn’t appear to have recovered! Apparently you can get coriander seeds and those are good for something and eventually it will re-seed itself. Its pretty at least, though you can’t really tell from the picture. The storm also knocked the geraniums over. They are still looking pretty beat up.
I got rid of the basil. I didn’t feel like it really “took” in the garden and I didn’t think I had enough dirt to plant in another pot (I did, but oh well). I have since read that its better to plant herbs in their own herb garden.

Once I got those plants out, I tilled up the soil much better than I did the first time because I have the proper tools now. I tilled up the areas where the cilantro and basil had been and the squash. I did have one squash plant that grew, but I planted 8! Anyway, I planted watermelon where the herbs had been and more squash and carrots where just the squash had been. And not even a week later, I already had watermelon and squash sprouts!
012july 20
Here’s the watermelons. I didn’t plant them originally because I read they take up a lot of space. I was surprised the instructions said to plant so many so close together… so the garden may very well be overrun with watermelons. Not that any of us would mind really, we love watermelon in our house.
013july 20
And the squash! Since I took this picture, two more sprouts have come up.
014july 20
This is the squash from the original planting. And in the background, some kale and/or weeds. More on that later…

I also planted a couple new green bean plants to replace a few that were lost in storms. Those sprouted really quickly too. After I tilled the soil where I was replanting, I had used the hoe to break up the dirt in between the other plants as well. I’m sure that’s helped with the watering process, as well as all the rain we’ve gotten lately!
009july 20
I almost forgot the sunflowers! These are the sunflowers we planted in May at Allie’s school scavenger hunt. They are getting so big! We’re all wondering when the flowers will develop. The leaves have wilted at various times but they are doing great!

Unfortunately I don’t think the cucumber plant is going to make it. For one thing bees have to pollinate in order for the fruit to develop and I don’t think there are many bees around or at least not going to my cucumber plant in between all the rain. Also I’ve lost two of three stems from the plant from various things, mostly my messing with it, oops. I’m not sure if I will just leave it a while longer or get rid of it and plant something else.

I’m also unsure of the kale and first planting of carrots at this time. I think part of the problem with my plants that didn’t come up may be that I planted the seeds too deep. Hopefully I did better on this the second time. I do have sprouts that look like carrots, but you’re supposed to be able to harvest when the carrot root is half an inch or more, but I try digging a bit and can’t find the carrot part! And the kale I can’t tell if what I see in the area where I planted kale is actually kale or weeds! I’m getting better with identification as that goes, but its hard to tell with the kale. The plants in that area are all small and considering I planted nearly two months ago, I’m thinking everything that I think might be kale is actually weeds.

But the lesson learned here is I’m learning! I’m not a completely terrible gardener! I didn’t really spend much money to get the garden started and I definitely don’t feel that what I spent was wasted and that’s the important thing. It helps to have the right tools, of course. I didn’t get good tools for turning the dirt until after I’d initially planted.


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  1. Jeni and I had a pretty nice garden when we tried it too. I hope you share your watermelon with me <3<3<3


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