Running with a view


My Garmin was on the fritz for the last couple years. It officially died after my 7-miler a week and a half ago. I can’t get a new one yet, so I’m using my phone with run tracking app. Its kind of annoying to carry my phone, but I like taking pictures while I am out and about. This is such a beautiful place to run. I run a lot of the same paths and a lot are by corn. The corn is bigger every time I run by!


Last Thursday morning I started out on a route I run a lot and got this beautiful sunrise picture.


Instead of turning left I turned right and discovered another long road to explore and captured another sunrise shot.


As I was running by the field I saw a deer galloping along and then it stopped and stood for a while. Of course it finally ran away when I stopped to take a picture.


On this particular run I was planning 3 miles, but as I ran I discovered I only have to go 2 miles to get to a lake! This is Lake Waubesa.


So I went out 2 miles and had to go back so I got 4 that day. I’m going out tomorrow morning and I want to go back to this area and run longer by the lake!


Last Saturday I got up around 5 to go out for 8 miles. It was going to be crazy hot and was very humid so I wanted to get out and done early. I saw storms kn the radar but it didn’t seem like they were headed our way.


The weather app was wrong. Instead of heading out I sat on my porch and watched the storm blow in.


As annoyed as I was to delay my run, it was cool to see this.


Those are pretty scary looking clouds! This storm system did some damage elsewhere but wasn’t a big deal here. It wasn’t so bad… the temperature dropped 9 degrees afterward! It was still very humid. I ended up waiting an hour and a half and it was good the temperature dropped because it was still pretty bad conditions! I was going to shorten it to 6 miles but as I’ve been prone to do lately I kept running farther and went 8 miles after all! So I reached my goal of running 8 miles in July! This week is a cutback week and then I will make my plans for half marathon training!


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