Monthly Archives: August 2015

10 weeks to race day

Ten weeks from yesterday, that is! Training has gotten off to a good start! I got my new shoes a couple weeks ago. That has made SO much difference! I realized in the last couple weeks too that if I want to run faster, I need to make myself do it. I had a stretch […]

Ice cream and ducks!

We wanted to do something really fun in honor of the last weekend of summer because Allie starts kindergarten on Tuesday! We like to go to the Memorial Union Terrace a couple times a year, and luckily I managed to find out in time that its closing Sept. 1 for a nearly a year for […]


Allie doesn’t love going to the salon to get her hair cut. She liked the place we went last year, but it closed soon after. She’s been asking me to cut her hair. Well, I’m keeping my day job, but I’m proud of the fact my daughter wanted me to cut her hair, and I […]

Family pics 2015

A couple weeks ago when we went to see the sunflowers at Pope Farm Park, Aunt Jocie brought her fancy camera and took some nice family pictures. We don’t get pictures of the four of us together very often at all, and organized portraits even less! Aunt Jocie is a talented photographer. She took beautiful […]

Blue Mound State Park

Last weekend was so hot, we finally decided it was time to go somewhere to go swimming. I had heard about the pool at Blue Mound State Park, so I suggested we go there. Even though you have to pay to drive into the park, its the cheapest public pool around here! I’ve been thinking […]


Today was a new experience for our family. It was our first time school supply shopping! It was very quick and easy shopping for just one kindergartner. Wow! Kindergartner! We got some new shoes that were going to be gym shoes, but decided the new Ana and Elsa shoes would be for everyday and her […]

Sunday stroll by the lake

I uploaded these pictures on Sunday with the intention of writing the blog post early in the week! Meaning it was supposed to be done before Thursday, but oh well. Lots to do around the house lately. Anyway, the other part of our weekend was our hike on the Lakeshore Path on Sunday. This is […]