July review and race registration!

Only the beginning of August and its already darker in the morning. But it isn’t so bad when I have this view as the sun is coming up!
But as the mornings get darker, I’ll have to adjust my training. There are no sidewalks or street lights in my neighborhood. I can run mostly on the Capitol City Trail, but its half a mile away. One possibility is driving to a parking area along the trail so I don’t have to run on the road.
Anyway, I’m burying the lead here. I’ve registered for the Madison Half Marathon Nov. 8! Now I just need to decide how I want to train! I’m getting up there with the long runs… planning 9 miles tomorrow. The race is 14 weeks from tomorrow so its still really early. I want to do what I can to NOT run the disappointing race I ran last August (race report here). Of course the heat was a factor that day (when it hadn’t been much of a factor before that day). But besides that I was just really slow and overall and I didn’t feel good in my endurance. I feel like I’m already fixing that issue by running in my hilly new neighborhood. I’ve lost weight in the last year and I am feeling a bit faster and more confident. I am also doing more cross training, which does make a difference.

I will just keep increasing my long runs and weekly mileage. The main decision I’m pondering if when or if to increase to running four days a week. Right now I run three days a week and cross train one day. I would like to keep the cross training day, so I’ll have to fit in another day somewhere. I know running another day will help build my mileage and endurance and maybe even speed. I just need to decide when I’ll add that fourth day.
Anyway, July went better than I would have expected, running-wise. I logged 57.5 miles, which is my highest month for the year! I should keep increasing over the next three months. I logged my long run of 8 miles two weeks ago, which was a bit sooner than I expected. Running is going so well, if I had new shoes and a new Garmin, I would have considered running the Madison Mini on Aug. 22. I could see where I could have gotten to a 10- or 11- mile long run and signed up. But the problem with the mini is what bothered me last year, the heat! I’m not ruling out the 5K though!
I’m excited about running right now and the race. This will be my 8th half marathon. I’m running it with my baby brother Jacob, but not really because he is way faster than me. But we are both running it and he helped me to register sooner and save a few bucks, so that is awesome!

After the mini last year, I lost motivation. And it took a long time for me to get that motivation back. I haven’t run many races since then. I dropped my mileage and I didn’t run when I didn’t feel like it. The motivation was starting to come back before I sprained my ankle in May. The motivation came all the way back full force after I ran the Her Madison 5K on June 28. The motivation is still there! I am so excited!


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