Sunday stroll by the lake

I uploaded these pictures on Sunday with the intention of writing the blog post early in the week! Meaning it was supposed to be done before Thursday, but oh well. Lots to do around the house lately.

Anyway, the other part of our weekend was our hike on the Lakeshore Path on Sunday. This is a forest preserve area within the university on Lake Mendota. Its so neat to hike there because we are right next to civilization but in some areas it feels like the middle of nowhere.

The most popular area of the Lakeshore Path is Picnic Point, which we have gone to a few times. But there are a number of other access points and “attractions” in the area.
lakeshore path001 lakeshore path004 lakeshore path002
The kids enjoyed the walk as well as gathering objects along the way. They started with pine cones. Then they were picking up sticks. Both activities became problematic because there are lots of sticks and pine cones in a forest! We were slowed because Peyton was trying to pick up every single one. It was cute though.
lakeshore path007
Great view! The paths loop around to the different areas. After we took in the view at Frautschi Point, we took the path to Raymer’s Cove.
lakeshore path009 lakeshore path011
We were treated to stunning views along the way.
lakeshore path015 lakeshore path018
lakeshore path019 lakeshore path020
lakeshore path027
We were pleasantly surprised the Peyton walked the whole way, which ended up being close to 2 miles because we ended up going further than we expected.
lakeshore path029
lakeshore path040
We didn’t realize how far the path was to Raymer’s Cove. But it was worth the trip!
lakeshore path043 lakeshore path042
lakeshore path048
lakeshore path052
Then after the cove we had to trek back to the car. We had gone further than we intended and it got really hot! The morning was cloudy, but the sun and heat of the day was in full force as we headed back to the car. The forest was shady but it was still so humid!
lakeshore path053
But just look at that view!
lakeshore path054
I’m glad we can go on little outings like this without lugging the stroller along! Just one more reminder that my babies are growing up I guess. I happened upon an article this week about the most beautiful hiking areas in Wisconsin. Some of them are pretty close to here and I can see us making little day trips.


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