Today was a new experience for our family. It was our first time school supply shopping! It was very quick and easy shopping for just one kindergartner. Wow! Kindergartner!
We got some new shoes that were going to be gym shoes, but decided the new Ana and Elsa shoes would be for everyday and her old tennies would become gym shoes.
Peyton didn’t need school supplies but we got him some new shoes because his old ones have been tight for a while. We didn’t find out til checkout that they were only $3! Score!
New school demands new shoes and a new backpack. Allie chose a princess kitty and it has a matching lunch bag!
Allie was playing with the backpack all afternoon, putting toys in an taking them out and running around the house. She may be nervous about school, but she’s excited for her supplies!
This week we are going to registration, a kindergarten parents meeting and we will sign up for a time to meet her teacher! Depending on if work in the building is done we may be able to see her classroom and drop off supplies.

How is it already school time? I feel like summer just started and we’ve barely done anything yet! And instead kids are already starting school. We have two and a half weeks yet but that’s right around the corner! It’s a little strange being in a place where we start school so much later. But I am trying to take advantage. This is such a pivotal time for our family. Even more than last year in 4k now we are really going to be ruled by school for the next 15 or so years or more!


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