Blue Mound State Park

Last weekend was so hot, we finally decided it was time to go somewhere to go swimming. I had heard about the pool at Blue Mound State Park, so I suggested we go there. Even though you have to pay to drive into the park, its the cheapest public pool around here! I’ve been thinking about doing more family hikes since we went to the Lakeshore Path last weekend. And Blue Mound State Park is the highest point in southern Wisconsin and there are two observation towers to enjoy the view. So we thought we’d go up on the tower and hike a little before landing at the pool.

We had thought we’d go to the pool early and then stop for a late lunch. But as usual we left later than planned. Luckily we realized on the way there it would be way better to stop for lunch first. Thank goodness! We decided to stop in Mount Horeb for lunch. I looked up restaurants in the area on my google map and found The Grumpy Troll, which I had heard good reviews about. So we stopped there! Mount Horeb’s “thing” is trolls. Of course we had to get a picture with the troll outside!
blue mounds002
We got there right after the restaurant opened and it was a good thing. There was a wait for a table by the time we left just before noon. I guess its a popular place!

It was really hot, of course, so we decided to just go up on the observation tower and then to the pool. I kind of figured that was how it would happen since we got there later then we planned.
blue mounds003
Anyway, the tower delivered on its amazing views!
blue mounds004
I think we were all a little freaked out by the tower though. Dada had some vertigo on the way up and I was holding on to Peyton for dear life. The tower is wood, and it moved with the people who were on it. It was about 8 to 10 flights of stairs straight up. I think Allie liked it, but wanted to go down right away.
blue mounds005
We did get a nice family picture with the view! I think I would have enjoyed the tower more if I hadn’t been holding on to Peyton. I would have certainly stayed longer!
blue mounds006
There are two observation towers at the park, but we just went on the one on the east side of the park. There was a path going down the hill to the pool area, so Mama and the kids hiked down that way and Dada drove the car to the pool parking area. That was the extent of our hiking, but it was strenuous! It was .2 miles straight down hill, and it was more challenging than it looked! I didn’t take any pictures though because it was steep and I was holding on to Peyton!
blue mounds007
Then we got to the pool!
blue mounds008
The pool was renovated last year and was very nice! It wasn’t even very crowded either, so that was nice.
blue mounds009
Peyton didn’t want to go in the water at first because it was a little cold. Once I put him in the water he enjoyed it!
blue mounds010
Peyton got more confident the longer he was in the pool. We really should have gotten him some water wings by now!
blue mounds011
He wanted to jump in the pool like Allie. First it was holding Mama and Dada’s hands, but as his confidence rose, he wanted to jump in without holding hands! We caught him of course!
blue mounds013
We swam for at least an hour and a half or more. We left when it was quite obvious Peyton was ready for a nap! And he even fell asleep in the car! I can’t remember the last time he fell asleep in the car.


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