Ice cream and ducks!

We wanted to do something really fun in honor of the last weekend of summer because Allie starts kindergarten on Tuesday! We like to go to the Memorial Union Terrace a couple times a year, and luckily I managed to find out in time that its closing Sept. 1 for a nearly a year for renovations. So to the terrace we went!
Goofy Allie picked chocolate chip cookie dough… but she didn’t want to eat the cookie dough pieces! Silly girl. The rest of us took care of the cookie dough.
Peyton shared with the three of us. He was so funny because he wasn’t a fan of the cold at first, but then of course he loved it!
After ice cream, we walked along the lake and then sat down to enjoy watching the ducks.
We got a little added bonus because there was a dog swimming too!
The kids loved the ducks and the ducks seemed to love us.
We got some cute family selfies too!
We finished the day with grilling and playing outside! Tomorrow Allie has a dentist appointment and then Tuesday is the first day of kindergarten. They divide up the first days to try an keep kids from getting overwhelmed. Half the classes are going on Tuesday and the other half will go on Wednesday. Then the whole class will go on Thursday.


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