First day of kindergarten

Last night we picked out the first day outfit and our bedtime story was “The Night Before Kindergarten.” In that story it seemed the parents were more broken up about kindergarten than the kids. I found myself getting a little broken up thinking about it last night, but today went great! Allie was awesome and Mama and Dada survived too.
kindergarten001 kindergarten003 kindergarten005
Allie was so excited to use her backpack as well as the lunch box even though she didn’t take a lunch today!
After a few pictures at home, we headed to drop Peyton off at daycare and then on to school for a few more pictures!
Allie’s a Panther now! We waited outside with Allie and then when it was time we went in and found her classroom, hung up her backpack on her hook in the hallway. Then she went in and found her nametag, picked out her lunch choice (she picked peanut butter and jelly) and sat down to play with play dough.
Allie’s teacher had told parents they could stay for a few minutes, but we needed to leave by 8:10 so they could prepare for the next activity. Once Allie settled it was time for us to go. I saw a little scared look in her eyes when we left, but she did awesome.
She’s sometimes a stinker when we ask about her day. But we did get out of her that she played a lot. She had milk in the morning. She had peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple slices and chocolate milk for lunch. She sat next to a boy at lunch. She had two recesses on the playground. During the quiet time after lunch she fell asleep(!). And she’s already made a friend. I am SO glad she had a good day. And I’m SO glad she made it to Bridget’s after school!

I’m so proud of my big brave girl!


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