End of summer shenanigans

We had a busy weekend! Saturday was spent mostly getting chores done. We watched the Badgers, but not for long. At least I didn’t watch them for long.

We decided we wanted to go check out a state park this weekend. We’d originally planned that for Sunday, but Mama had to run 11 miles (actually only ended up running 9.5) and ensuing laziness and then a Peyton meltdown when we were trying to get out of the house changed that. Instead, while Peyton napped, Mama and Allie went to the Elver Park splash pad.
labor day sunday003
labor day sunday005
labor day sunday008
labor day sunday014
labor day sunday019
Allie was bummed that we didn’t go to the park on Sunday, but she enjoyed the splash pad. Since we didn’t go to the state park Sunday, we were able to make it to the last ski show of the season instead. Before we left we played some basketball.
labor day sunday023
Allie decided she wanted to watch the show from Dada’s shoulders.
labor day sunday025
labor day sunday027
We decided we’d go to the park on Monday, starting out as early as possible. Well, the dog woke Peyts, and thus all of us, up just before 7. We didn’t leave that early. We ended up getting to the park about 10:15. I’d wanted to go to Governor Dodge State Park, but that one is an hour away and we didn’t want to stop for lunch. So we went to Governor Nelson State Park instead, as that is 25 minutes away. We packed some snacks, but didn’t even end up eating many of them.
labor day monday035
First it was playground time. 
labor day monday036 labor day monday037
Then we checked out the beach.labor day monday039
We really wanted to do some hiking. But it was so hot, we didn’t last long. We enjoyed what little we hiked though! Saw pretty trees and wildflowers.
labor day monday041 labor day monday044 labor day monday046 labor day monday048 labor day monday049 labor day monday050 labor day monday051
Then it was a little more playground time while Dada went back to the car and got our beach stuff.
labor day monday052
Just look at that attitude from Allie!
labor day monday057
And then the swimming. This is the first time we’ve gotten Dada to a lake beach. It was also Peyton’s first time. I took Allie a few years ago with Aunt Jocie. Its not the ocean, but it was fun! The water was clear and warm, but murky because of the mud. It was also really rocky. Everyone else wore their water shoes, but mine are too big and were coming off in the mud. And I still feel the rocks cutting into my feet!
labor day monday060 labor day monday063 labor day monday064 labor day monday066 labor day monday069
The park is across Lake Mendota from downtown, great views of the Capitol!
labor day monday071 labor day monday073 labor day monday075
It was a fun day! It took a lot of cleanup though. We got home and the kids had quick bath and lunch and then we tried to get Peyton to take a nap. He’s so overtired, but didn’t sleep a wink. I will never understand why overtired kids don’t sleep! And then just like that even though its still the holiday, its time to get the rest of the chores done and get ready for the rest of the week.


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