Oregon in motion


This was Homecoming week in Oregon. The school kids went to the parade this afternoon, but Mama and Dada had to stay at work. We decided to participate in Homecoming by walking in the Oregon in Motion community walk before the football game. We got free pedometers and the kids got some cool bracelets.


They gave the pedometers to the adults, but Allie took Mama’s. By time we got home, she totalled 4,965 steps!


They were handing out beads at each lap to get in the spirit and keep track of laps!


Peyton was really into it and even wanted to run with Mama.



Allie found a couple friends from school and walked with them a bit too.


We liked seeing and walking around the football field!


Peyton walked almost a mile.


In the last bit of the fourth lap, Peyton tripped and this was his reaction when we tried to put him down after that. We were surprised he lasted that long!


Dada and Peyts did one more lap. Mama and Allie did two. So the four of us totaled 22 laps or 5.5 miles! They announced afterward that all the peoe there walked a total of 286 miles! Mama totals 7.5 miles on the day because I ran 6 miles this morning too!

We had a great time! We were considering staying for the football game, but with Peyton being cranky, we decided to pick up a Papa Murphy’s pizza and head home.

What a fun start to the weekend! Go Panthers!


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