Apple time!

It was an apple-themed weekend! Saturday was apple picking day!
apple orchard 005
We went to Appleberry Farm, the same place we went last year. Last year was our first time apple picking and now we’re going every year!
apple orchard 008
We did the hayride first. We didn’t do this last year!
apple orchard 009
apple orchard 010
apple orchard 011
apple orchard 013
The ride stopped a couple times on the way to talk about things on the farm. It was interesting hearing about the honey bee colonies and the different crops. We need to go there in the early summer for strawberries!
apple orchard 014
apple orchard 015
apple orchard 018
apple orchard 019
After that it was time for apple picking!
apple orchard 025
apple orchard 026
apple orchard 027
apple orchard 029
apple orchard 030
We ate a few along the way too. Peyton kept biting into an apple and putting it in his bag. He also kept spitting out the apples. I think its because he didn’t like the skin.
apple orchard 033
Such a big boy eating his apple and carrying his bag!
apple orchard 034
apple orchard 035
apple orchard 039
apple orchard 041
We had fun running around and picking more than enough apples.
apple orchard 042
But when this happened, we knew it was time to go! Poor Peyts was so tired!

We bought our apples and apple cider doughnuts! We had them as a snack Saturday and breakfast today!
Next was the part I really like… baking! First up was pie. I love baking and I love baking pies the most, especially apple! Maybe some day I’ll manage to bake a pie without burning the crust. But even with a burnt crust, it still tastes good! Too bad Dada forgot to buy the vanilla ice cream at the grocery store!
Today was crock pot applesauce an apple muffins! We also took a few apples to the neighbor’s apple cider making party this evening. We took a container and brought home. Yum. Now we’re finished up the weekend with some hard apple cider and a piece of pie. I should have made two pies. The one pie won’t last long!


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