Monthly Archives: October 2015


Only three years in the making, Peyton finally has a Christmas stocking! Its taken so long to stitch because I would put it away for months at a time only to pick it up again too late to finish for his first or second Christmas. I started it three months before he was even born! […]

Halloween at the Zoo

For Halloween 2015, introducing Rapunzel and Spider-Man! Today after Mama ran 10 miles, we headed to Halloween at the Zoo! We went last year for the first time and we’re hooked. Its fun combining trick-or-treating and seeing some animals! I just love their costumes! We got Rapunzel from Cousin Katy and Spider-Man from Wal-Mart last […]

Pumpkin day!

I’m only a week late on this! Last Saturday was pumpkin day! We usually go to Schuster’s Playtime Farm, but its so expensive. I don’t remember if it was the same price last year or they increased prices, but we didn’t want to spend that kind of money this year. So we broke tradition and […]

Almost race day!

I’m feeling ready! Training has been going very well in spite of missing some runs when I was sick a couple weeks ago. I’m also still on track to run 100 miles this month in spite of missing a 13-miler. The pictures in this post are from my two 14-milers on the last two Sundays. […]

Great running month!

September brought some changes in the weather and my running environment and a lot of miles! I had a great training month! I took my long run up to 13 miles! That was two weeks ago. The photos in this post are from that run. It was pretty rough, but luckily my training plan has […]