Great running month!

September brought some changes in the weather and my running environment and a lot of miles! I had a great training month!
I took my long run up to 13 miles! That was two weeks ago. The photos in this post are from that run. It was pretty rough, but luckily my training plan has plenty more long runs. One more 13, two 14’s and a 10, in fact! Last week was a cutback.
Total September mileage was 103.2. I was bummed, to say the least, that I didn’t make it past 104, which is my monthly mileage PR. I would have passed that mark by a lot, except that I got sick at the beginning of this week. I haven’t run at all! I am sure I will run tomorrow. But still, this is my first 100-mile month since June 2012. And I will pass that monthly mileage PR by a lot in October.
These pictures are along Lake Monona, along the lake loop. What a neat reflection of the trees in the water! I was so excited to realize I could run all the way to the lake loop.
I am only running outside on the weekends though, as of two weeks ago. We froze our gym membership for the summer. That freeze ended on the 20th. Its so dark in the morning now. And I’ve been freaking myself out about running in the dark. There aren’t street lights or sidewalks by our house. The Capital City Trail is isolated and in the park neighborhood on the side of the recreation area I was seeing signs of vandalism. And at the same time there has been a big story in the news about a woman who was assaulted on left for dead on another area of the Capital City Trail. I ran in these areas all summer and I didn’t even mind it when the sun was still coming up relatively early… but now it is so dark. I just feel more comfortable right now going to the treadmill even if I don’t love the treadmill. The treadmill has had its good points. I feel like I can work on my speed more on the treadmill. Its hard though because the gym is 15 minutes away, so I have to leave enough time to get there and get home. I think we will eventually cancel this gym and go somewhere closer, but we haven’t gotten around to that yet.

I just hope that all the practice I’ve gotten on hills doesn’t go away from running on the treadmill three days a week now! My 8 miles last Sunday was kind of tough but there are always other factors. I’ll just have to wait and see. Not much I can do about it now!

My training plan has more miles than I usually run in preparation for a half. I really hope that helps me achieve a better result than my last few! I’m sure it will though. I’ve never followed a training plan. I used to just work up to 13 miles in the two or three weeks before the race. On this plan I got to 13 seven weeks before and I have four more long runs. Hopefully the end of those long runs gets better!

I’ve been looking forward to cooler weather. So far it has happened a few times for long runs and it has helped. But the weather up until this week has still been on the warmer and more humid side. That’s changed for sure this week as the temps have gotten cooler and its been pretty windy. The temps in the 40s and 50s will be perfect for running if its not windy!

I have 13 for Sunday. But I haven’t run yet this week. I’m running tomorrow, but expecting that I might not be able to do the full 5 miles scheduled. So I don’t know if I should try to run 13 on Sunday or go with something less to work back into running. I had the stomach flu on Tuesday and I’ve been surprised that even today I’ve still felt a bit dizzy and fatigued at times.

Race day is five weeks from Sunday!


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