Pumpkin day!

I’m only a week late on this! Last Saturday was pumpkin day! We usually go to Schuster’s Playtime Farm, but its so expensive. I don’t remember if it was the same price last year or they increased prices, but we didn’t want to spend that kind of money this year. So we broke tradition and tried a new place, Eplegaarden in Fitchburg! We had fun and it was way cheaper overall.
pumpkins 001

We started with a horse-drawn hayride. So fun!

pumpkins 002 pumpkins 004 pumpkins 011 pumpkins 012 pumpkins 018

After the hayride, we went walking around the apple orchard.

pumpkins 025

We still got our “how tall this fall” picture, but with an apple instead of a pumpkin.

pumpkins 026

How is Allie nearly 4 feet tall??

pumpkins 027 pumpkins 028 pumpkins 031

It was a windy day, but a beautiful one for getting outside!

pumpkins 032 pumpkins 034 pumpkins 035

Of course Peyton was a little tired and cranky. He didn’t really want to walk the whole time.

pumpkins 037 pumpkins 039 pumpkins 040

What a picture perfect day!

pumpkins 042 pumpkins 043 pumpkins 044 pumpkins 045

We walked around by the scare crows a little while Dada went to get a wagon. They provide them to haul the pumpkins and say only pumpkins… but we decided to haul Peyts. Look how cute he is!

pumpkins 049

And Allie pulled the wagon most of the time! Strong girl!

pumpkins 051

Peyton’s pumpkin!

pumpkins 052

Allie’s pumpkin!

pumpkins 054 pumpkins 055

Peyton was smiling as long as we didn’t make him walk.

pumpkins 056 pumpkins 059

We have such a cute family.

pumpkins 060 pumpkins 061

We liked the scare crows! Especially the Spider-Man one!

pumpkins 062 pumpkins 064 pumpkins 066

Tonight we’re going to buy Peyton’s Halloween costume and a carving kit and hopefully carve our pumpkins! October is so fun!


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