Halloween at the Zoo

boo zoo 004
For Halloween 2015, introducing Rapunzel and Spider-Man!
boo zoo 006
Today after Mama ran 10 miles, we headed to Halloween at the Zoo! We went last year for the first time and we’re hooked. Its fun combining trick-or-treating and seeing some animals!
boo zoo 007
I just love their costumes! We got Rapunzel from Cousin Katy and Spider-Man from Wal-Mart last night…not too last minute, right? The suit ended up a little small with clothes underneath, but it worked!
boo zoo 008
Peyton was so cute with the trick-or-treating! He said thank you every time we asked him to.
boo zoo 009
boo zoo 010
boo zoo 012
boo zoo 015
I just love the muscles! And the mask! We were surprised he wore it at all, but he didn’t want it to cover his eyes. I thought he was adorable.
boo zoo 020
boo zoo 021
Allie ditched the wig after a while, it was hard to keep all that hair on her head!
boo zoo 022
boo zoo 023
boo zoo 024
Peyton loved walking and he loved taking stuff out of his bucket and putting it back in. He was more interested in that than getting more candy.
boo zoo 027
The kids enjoyed seeing the Brewers racing sausages too. But not enough to go take a picture when them.
boo zoo 028
And the photo ops! I love the cut outs they have a the zoo, and the kids were all about them today.
boo zoo 030
boo zoo 031
One of the booths was handing out plastic vampire teeth. Allie was a fan. Vampire Rapunzel!
boo zoo 032
And more cut outs…
boo zoo 034
And polar bears! After we were done with the trick-or-treating we saw a few of the animals before heading out.
boo zoo 037
boo zoo 038
And the kids got trapped. So cute!
boo zoo 039
It was a fun time! The kids will dress up in their costumes twice more, at daycare on Friday and for trick-or-treating on Saturday.


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