boo zoo 002
Only three years in the making, Peyton finally has a Christmas stocking! Its taken so long to stitch because I would put it away for months at a time only to pick it up again too late to finish for his first or second Christmas. I started it three months before he was even born! But now its done, just in time for our first Christmas in which we have no fireplace to hang it on. But the hangers we have will work fine on our bookshelf in the living room. I am so excited to have cross stitched both kids’ Christmas stockings. My mom made my stocking and I still use it and its so special to me. While I was working on Peyton’s, Allie would ask about hers or talk about hers. I can already tell its special to her. So I’ve finished the stitching and my wonderful mom is going to make it into the stocking. I’m so excited!


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