Monthly Archives: November 2015

Madison half marathon race report!

The short version: I didn’t make either of my goals, though I came close! But I had a good race. I trained better for this race than I have any other. Definitely more miles as I logged more than 100 miles two months in a row. I also trained in a hilly area. But unfortunately my area […]

How could I not post these?

Somehow I haven’t gotten pictures off my camera since before Halloween. I confess I just got an iPhone and it takes really good pictures! But the Tuesday before Halloween we carved pumpkins and the pictures are adorable. The kids were so excited and loved seeing the pumpkins on the porch. We were sad when it […]

Race week

I had a dream last night that I had sprained my ankle. Six days out from race day, that is my worst nightmare! My other worst nightmare is getting sick. I’ve felt kind of stuffy all day long. I really hope I can get some extra sleep and beat whatever is trying to invade my […]

A great start to 6

Allie’s 6! How is my baby already 6? Her birthday was Friday this year, which was the day 6 years ago. I remember Doug and I had debated getting candy to hand out on Halloween. He didn’t think we’d be home, I did. He was right!  The day started kinda rough when Mama accidentally closed two […]