A great start to 6

Allie’s 6! How is my baby already 6? Her birthday was Friday this year, which was the day 6 years ago. I remember Doug and I had debated getting candy to hand out on Halloween. He didn’t think we’d be home, I did. He was right!  The day started kinda rough when Mama accidentally closed two of Allie’s fingers in a door. She cried a lot but was fine and perked up when she got to daycare. They had a nice day and then we went out to dinner at Ella’s Deli! We went there last year for with Allie’s or Peyton’s birthday. We decided we want to go for every birthday! We had a nice dinner, which both kids actually ate, which is rare. And then we shared a hot fudge banana split. Then it was carousel time! We love carousels. Well, Peyton wasn’t too sure but the rest of us did.  After that was home and present time. Allie loved her kitty that walks, meows and purrs.  She also got a Rapunzel doll. But she loved her last present more…We got Allie a bike! We wanted to get her a bike all summer but weren’t able to until now. Hopefully weather stays nice for a few weekends! We got her a princess helmet too. We let her try it inside a little. She rode it inside on Saturday too when it was raining early in the day. The cat drove Monk nuts for a while. By Sunday she was over it.  Then it was Saturday and Halloween! It’s hard to coordinate having a birthday around a holiday but fun too! We did our pumpkin carving Tuesday night. We did Halloween at the Zoo last weekend. The kids didn’t end up wearing their costumes during daycare because of the pinched fingers. Saturday it rained all day but stopped as promised for trick or treating.   Peyton wasn’t keen on putting on his costume Saturday and didn’t want anything to do with his mask.  But once we got out for trick or treating he was all about it!He loved it. He said “trick treat!” and “thank you!” He loved carrying his bucket but spilled a few times. We hit a bunch of houses and the kids got tons of candy! We had to transfer candy from Peyton’s bucket to Allie’s bag because his was overflowing. Mama and Dada even got treats! We had such a fun weekend! It wasn’t over yet! We enjoyed a nice easy day today. Peyton had a hard time adjusting to the time change. But mostly relaxing. And Allie got to take her take her bike out for a spin! She’s a natural!


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