Race week

I had a dream last night that I had sprained my ankle. Six days out from race day, that is my worst nightmare! My other worst nightmare is getting sick. I’ve felt kind of stuffy all day long. I really hope I can get some extra sleep and beat whatever is trying to invade my body.

A few weeks ago when I was starting my second 14-miler in 26 degrees, I was wondering why I signed up for a half marathon in November. My last few outdoor runs are the reason why I’ve signed up for a half marathon in November. Its been beautiful! The pics in this post are from my 10-miler last Sunday. I love running in the fall! I love running! I love the leaves and the light and the scenery and most of the time the temperature.

As I write this, I just got the race week email! I have my race number, 3488! My brother Jacob is running with me and his number is 4848. I signed up to have my and Jacob’s results posted on my Facebook profile. You can sign up to track me! Follow instructions in this link.

Race day weather is looking good. Depending on the source its showing low in the high 30s and high in the mid-50s with a slight breeze and not much rain chance. It should be great for running, though maybe not so great waiting for the start and for spectators at the beginning. I’m debating on what to wear. I can get by with my wind pants, but I’m wondering about layering at least while waiting for the start.

October was one for my personal record books. I ran 105.7 miles. That marks my highest monthly mileage ever. It also marks the first time I’ve run over 100 miles two months in a row. Before September and October, my previous 100-mile months were October 2011 and June 2012. October 2011 was when I finished my 100-mile month with a sprained ankle on Halloween morning. June 2012 was when I was early pregnant with Peyton and before I officially knew.

So with 100 miles two months in a row, I have certainly run more miles in training for the Madison half marathon than I have ever run in training before. I don’t keep a record for “total miles in training.” But between September and October, I’ve run 208.9 miles, which is mind-blowing for me. Even more mind-blowing are my times. In October I ran 2.5 miles more than September and my total time for October is only 1 minute and 11 seconds more than September! That totally shows I’m getting faster too!

And doesn’t this picture look like a painting? I took it with my phone, but I’m wondering if it would look good enlarged. I love the sky here!

So here I am in race week. Six days out. Sunday after the race we are having a few people over for Allie’s birthday party. So I’m pondering how much work I want to put into it on Saturday and balance with resting up for the race! So that’s really the only variable I have left on my plate.

I haven’t been sore in recent training except for after my long runs really. So why is my body sore now? It could be fighting whatever germ is trying to invade my body. Or it could be nerves. I guess I don’t know. I just need to relax! Since my runs this week are short and with the time change, I’m going to run outside tomorrow morning! So thats something to look forward to. All the hard work is done! Now I just need to run the race! I have my time goal and I don’t know if I will make either of them or maybe I will blow my expectations out of the water. But regardless of the ultimate result, Jacob and I will have fun! I know Jacob will help me have fun!


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