Monthly Archives: December 2015

Merry and bright

Merry Christmas a few days late! I need to work harder to quit letting stress of the holidays bother me. It was hard at times to feel festive. It all came together nicely though. We had a nice holiday. One Friday at daycare, the kids made snowflakes. Then when the baby sitter came on Friday […]

2015 running wrap up

Of course the highlight of November was the Madison half marathon. And after the race I ran a lot less. I meant to run a bit more, but no biggie. About a week after the half our membership at our old gym ended. We didn’t join the new gym right away, so I was running […]

Oh Christmas tree

This year we decided to get a new pre-lot Christmas tree. Best decision ever! It took off half the work! The kids helped put it together and also to decorate. Peyton still likes to mess with the ornaments but he’s gotten better! It’s a smaller tree than our old one and we had to leave […]

Well hello December 

On my Facebook “on this day” this week was a post from a few years ago where I wrote that November seemed so long but suddenly its December and my birthday is in a week and how did we get here so fast? I feel this way every year! I had a great start to […]