Well hello December 

On my Facebook “on this day” this week was a post from a few years ago where I wrote that November seemed so long but suddenly its December and my birthday is in a week and how did we get here so fast? I feel this way every year!

I had a great start to blogging in November and then… I stopped. No excuse really other than not feeling like opening the computer up at night when I’ve been on it all day at work.

I’ve got a bunch of pictures from November that might not have been their own blog posts and some that would have been their own posts. But since I didn’t write them when the were fresh, I’m going to do what my friend Amy posts on her blog as a “photo dump.” Amy I hope you don’t mind me stealing your idea! Enjoy! 
This was from the week after Allie’s birthday party when we made frozen yogurt-covered strawberries. I’d wanted to make them for the party but ran out of time. We had a good time making them and they were nice sweet dessert treat for a few days! We had bought more strawberries to make more, but sadly we didn’t get around to it and I just threw away the strawberries and Greek yogurt today. 😦

Here’s my silly Peyts being goofy. Both kids are more Redskins fans than Colts fans because Dada had brainwashed them better than I have. The shirt is cute though.

The weekend after the half marathon, I volunteered at the water station for the Girls on the Run 5K in Waunakee. I took Allie with me and she enjoyed volunteering too! She got a little tired in the middle and it was pretty cold with the wind. But I think she really enjoyed when the runners took cups from her and thanked her! I want to be an example to my kids with my running and with service too. 

The kids have really been into imaginative play with their toys lately… every toy. They bring the toys out from the bedroom/toyroom and they do play. But then its a process to get them all put away!

I just love how the kids spend time together and love each other.

A couple weeks ago daycare had to close unexpectedly. So I stayed home with Peyton. We had a great day playing outside in the leaves. The closest we got to raking this year was this pile I swept up with a snow shovel for Peyton to jump in.   
This November Monday was so nice and even on the warm side. We took advantage.
And when we went inside we made brownies. Peyton always gets so excited when I’m baking. He gives the mixer kisses and hugs.

The day Allie got off the school bus at home! That was fun. After that day was done I wrote I could totally do the stay at home mom gig, a few days a week, if I didn’t have to do the evening mom thing. Staying at home is hard! I am not cut out for the job and I have the utmost respect for those who do it on a regular basis.   
Then a few days later it snowed. Our first snow of the year was a decent one. I think we got a few inches here. It was our first snow at the new house and it was pretty.
We went outside to clear the driveway and car and also to play. Turns out the yard on the side of our driveway is a pretty good sledding hill.

Peyton was quite invested in getting snow off the car that isn’t currently running (not pictured, he had a meltdown when we were trying to get him bundled up to go outside… once he got out he loved it and didn’t want to go in).

Peyts helped with the other car too.   
I chipped in with some shoveling. (Not pictured, I managed to forget a picture of Doug shoveling. He was so proud and I was a bad wife and didn’t take a picture. He did a great job).
The suddenly it was Thanksgiving. Our holiday was a bit different this year. We traveled to the St. Louis areas for Thanksgiving with the Dursos.

It was a decent trip down. The kids entertained themselves for a few hours before we got the DVD player out. And with the DVD player our happiness was guaranteed for the rest of the trip. These pictures are before DVD.  
The weather was crazy nice on Wednesday when we were traveling and also on Thursday. So we were able to get out of the car along the way to spend some energy.

Thursday morning started dark and early heading out for the 5K turkey trot. It really was dark when we got started as we had to leave the house at 6:15 to get to the race by the 8:00 start!
The Durso runners were me, Julie and Tim. Julie and Tim hadn’t been training much and it was Tim’s first race ever. He blamed me for his even being signed up and swore it would be his last. Anyway, we stuck together the whole time. Julie finished a couple seconds before Tim and I finished in 34:59! That was my fasted 5K in a LONG time! I don’t run with people much at all if ever, but when I do I push myself harder.

Oh, and did I mention the temperature at race time was 57? I hadn’t paid too much attention to the forecast. I only packed long sleeves but could have definitely done short! The high topped out around 70. On Thanksgiving! In Wisconsin the day is usually cold and with snow!  

We definitely had a good time playing outside that day!   
Carson helped Tim put up Christmas lights. We stayed at Julie and Tim’s house. Their house was the center of operations for the weekend.

We even went to the park for a few minutes! It was such a nice day spent with family and with a great meal. Julie and Tim are great hosts.

Friday morning Allie was sick. I’m still not sure what it was, she seemed fine as soon as she threw up but was low on energy. She did want to eat right away though. Aunt Julie ended up staying home with her while Doug, Peyts and I went to the mall to meet Grandma and Grandpa and Carson and Cole. Grandma and Grandpa sent Doug and I with the boys to a movie and said they were going to take Peyton to see The Good Dinosaur. As it turned out, they didn’t go to the movie, but got Peyton’s hair cut!   
He does look very grown up with short hair and very cute. But I prefer his hair long… however, I seem to be the only one. He’s adorable either way though.
Julie and Tim have two dogs. One is Jax. He is a big and sweet older dog! The kids love both dogs. Jax was great for cuddling with!

Friday night Allie was feeling better. We decided to go out to see this huge Christmas light display at a park. The kids enjoy any Christmas lights, but this one was HUGE! It was $10 a car and so worth it!   
Peyton is delighted to see any Christmas lights. Every day we get home from work and he shouts "Christmas… yights!" in reaction to the house across the street like its the first time he's seen them!

The whole weekend the kids were just wound up. As we were leaving Grandma and Grandpa’s hotel Friday night late, Peyton certainly wasn’t tired!

Saturday we did what we had planned for Friday: A girls only trip the American Girl store. Grandma and Grandpa let Allie pick out an American Girl doll and outfit as part of her Christmas present. Aunt Julie ended up buying another doll outfit and I bought a shirt that matched the doll shirt. It was adorable!   
We took pictures of each of us with Allie but didn’t think about a picture of all four of us!

Allie named he doll Adele. Her full name is Adele Taylor Swift Durso. Yeah, Allie’s a little influenced by pop culture!
Aunt Julie with Allie and Adele!

Sunday it was time to go home. 😦 We were ready to head home to be home, but not ready to say goodbye! I wish we lived closer to all our family. We only get to see the Dursos two or three times a year. But anyway, Allie and Adele in their matching outfits. We told Allie she would have to take VERY GOOD care of Adele and so far she has. 
This past week Allie was class superstar. She colored this poster all about her all by herself!

Last night I took the kids to the Oregon Christmas tree lighting. Poor Dada stayed home because he wasn’t feeling well.   
The Christmas tree lighting was kind of weak, but Allie got to see Santa, which she was really excited about. Peyton, on the other hand, was a grump. He didn’t want me to take pictures, nor did he want to see Santa.

And now we’re up to the present! I’ll have a November running post at some point. And hopefully I can keep up with all the Christmas happenings the next few weeks!


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