2015 running wrap up

Of course the highlight of November was the Madison half marathon.
madison half marathon025mad half 3madison half marathon030
And after the race I ran a lot less. I meant to run a bit more, but no biggie.

About a week after the half our membership at our old gym ended. We didn’t join the new gym right away, so I was running outside when I normally wouldn’t have. Meaning when it was a bit colder or as the month went on, darker.   
It wasn’t so bad through! I like seeing the sun rise.

And I enjoyed the weekend afternoon runs. The weather has been so nice!    

On Thanksgiving I ran my best 5K in a long time, with a result of 34:59.
turkey trot 002
The last time I turned in any time around there was 35:59 in September 2014 at the Zoo Run Run. The last time I was faster was June 2012 when I was first pregnant with Peyton. I ran two 5Ks that summer, one in 32:10 and the other in 32:32. Maybe I’ll get back to those times soon!
turkey trot 004
I ran with Julie and Tim, which helped me run faster. I like running with others!

So I ran less in November, but would have liked to have logged a bit more. When all was done, I only logged 49.3 miles in November. My runkeeper app said 49.8, but it was because of running two races that went long. I was going to run after we got home from our trip on Monday the 30th. But it was raining! I considered running that evening, but I still didn’t have a gym membership and it was raining again and getting cold and slick. So I sadly took a 49.3 tally.

And then this funny thing happened in December… it hasn’t snowed! It hasn’t even been very cold! Well, I actually ran in a bit of snow or maybe sleet on Dec. 1. But nothing (that I’ve been aware of, at least) since.

So I’ve still be logging most of my miles outside! And since I’ve been running a lot outside, I’ve been running farther. Doug and I joined Planet Fitness at the beginning of the month. But I’ve only been there twice so far. The sunrise is later every morning, but I’ve still been running outside some mornings, just in the block around my house. Tuesday was my birthday, so I took the day off and among other festivities logged 6 miles.
This past week has been unreal. Thursday morning I went to the gym because of the dark, but if I’d realized before leaving it was so nice, I would have run outside! It was 42 at 6 a.m.! I took the above pic of the sunrise that morning waiting for Allie’s bus.
This weekend has been in the 50s, with today actually being 60! I didn’t get to run yesterday so expected to be stuck at the gym today since it was supposed to rain all day. But the rain held off for an hour and I logged 5 more miles outside. I’ve run 27 miles so far in December. If I run 35 more, I will log 650 this year. I didn’t start the year with a mileage goal, but since I’m so close, I have a goal now! The rest of the month looks like it will be pretty much the same. So its looking like we won’t have a white Christmas, but I can log a lot of miles!

As I went into 2015, I didn’t set up a mileage goal. I didn’t have any running goals. In the middle of the year I finally got my running motivation back. So next year I’m back to goals! Well I think I am.


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