Merry and bright

Merry Christmas a few days late!

I need to work harder to quit letting stress of the holidays bother me. It was hard at times to feel festive. It all came together nicely though. We had a nice holiday.

One Friday at daycare, the kids made snowflakes. Then when the baby sitter came on Friday night (Mama and Dada got a date night!), they made more snow flakes. Then on Saturday with Mama, the kids made even more snowflakes!

Peyton just enjoyed using the scissors (with VERY CLOSE supervision). We had so many snowflakes and put them up on the windows in the living room. I love it. I don’t know why I never took a picture.

In the same weekend, I took the kids to the Fitchburg community Christmas party. It was a lot of fun! The kids decorated and ate cookies, pictured here. They also made a couple different types of ornaments and got to run around and play.

Notice how Allie is dressed for summer here! It was 60 degrees that day! December has certainly been a weird month for weather.

Allie is really showing a little attitude in posing! She picked out this outfit especially for the daycare Christmas party.

The weekend before Christmas, we did most of our Christmas shopping, went out to lunch and the Olbrich Holiday Express! We missed it last year because we didn’t get there before Christmas and then we all got sick between Christmas and New Years, and then it closed. So we really wanted to get there this year!

This year’s theme is Legos! All the creations were suppied by a local Lego enthusiast group. So we had all of Peyton’s favorite things here: Choo choo trains and legos!

He thought the admission stamp was pretty cool too.   
The picture below is Miller Park (Brewers stadium for anyone who doesn’t know)! How cool is this? The info card said this model took something like 35,000 Legos! It was built over the course of something like 10 years (unfortunately its been too long and I can’t remember now) in segments, total work time around two years. The roof works to close and open, though they didn’t do any of that on the exhibit.

My silly kiddos. I can’t really get many good pictures of both kids together lately. This was the best I could do!

Just look at the delight on his face. He would have stayed all day if we’d let him. He squealed in excitement every time the trains came by.
Allie enjoyed it too!

Our friend Taegan made this snowflake. I have no idea how she did! I finally got the brilliant idea to hang it from the fan in the kids room. It goes with the snowflake theme we’ve got going.

I like baking. And I baked a lot this month. I made chocolate crinkle cookies, chocolate chip, snicker doodles, peanut blossoms, drop sugar cookies and candy cane cookies. I might make some this weekend even though I was going to be done baking for a while. I miss having all these cookies around!

The candy canes were time consuming, but maybe my favorite cookies to make. I ran short on time when I was making them so they turned out a little sloppy. But they were so good!

Here’s another Christmasey outfit, this one for the school field trip to the coffee house where they decorated gingerbread cookies to eat and had hot cocoa!

Allie made this ornament at school. How adorable! We’ll keep it forever. Or at least try…

We went to church on Christmas Eve and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa Swanson’s house.

I love both kids’ Christmas outfits! They got them from Grandma and Grandpa Durso. I wanted to get a nice picture of the kids dressed up together, but I forgot and they probably wouldn’t have cooperated!

It was a late night on Christmas Eve. The kids put on jammies before we left to come home and went straight to bed. Good thing, because Santa came soon after!   
Christmas morning pictures to come!


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