Monthly Archives: January 2016

Snow art

Allie and I are having fun in Daisy Girl Scouts! Last weekend the troop went to the Aldo Leopold Nature Center for their Snow Art program. It was nice to get outside especially since it warmed up from being so cold earlier in the week! They had fun winter art activities including colored ice cubes, […]

Staying put and getting organized

We got the letter last weekend extending us the opportunity to renew our lease. So we decided we will! We are so excited that we get to stay in this great house. We have great neighbors and its a great neighborhood. I am beyond thrilled to not have to pack up and move again! Since […]

New year, new goals!

Peyton still at bedtime every night wishes me a happy new year. Its funny the way he says it, “happy yoo yee!” I love it! I don’t remember any real goals I had for 2015. I decided not to have a mileage or racing goal and just run to enjoy it. I had the usual […]

Leaving 2015 behind 

No need to go into the details. 2015 was a pretty tough year. But I have chosen to forget about the cruddy stuff and take the positives with me. New years eve we went to the “Noon” Years Eve party at the Fitchburg Library. It was fun! There was a small story time and then […]


This winter has definitely not been normal. We had a big snow storm just before Thanksgiving that melted during Thanksgiving weekend. The temps have been above normal, by a lot some days. I ran outside on my birthday AND on Christmas Day! But then the Monday after Christmas we got a storm. I drove to […]

Christmas morning

On Christmas Eve the kids put on jammies before leaving Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We had to hurry to beat Santa! Allie slept in the car and our silly Peyts did not, even though we didn’t leave until about 9:00! This boy… Anyway, we made it home in time, and Santa came!¬† We had extra […]