Christmas morning

On Christmas Eve the kids put on jammies before leaving Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We had to hurry to beat Santa! Allie slept in the car and our silly Peyts did not, even though we didn’t leave until about 9:00! This boy…

Anyway, we made it home in time, and Santa came! 
We had extra presents under the tree because Grandma and Grandpa Durso and Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim sent presents home with us from Thanksgiving.

The above pic was Peyton’s favorite present, remote control bulldozer!

This was MY favorite present we gave Peyts!   

Allie got this Doc McStuffins activity tube, which she worked on ALL day!  
Peyton got a whole fleet of fire trucks.
 The bulldozer drove Monk crazy for a while!

I’ve been using my Christmas present since Thanksgiving! I love my new Keurig!  

Here’s Allie hard at work on her poster from the activity tube.  
The excitement was a bit much for poor little Peyts. He was exhausted, and believe it or not, although this pic would indicate otherwise, he didn’t nap on Christmas Day.

Allie got a new sheet set! She was very proud that she made her bed by herself.

Such a fashionable kiddo! Clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Durso, boots from Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim.

Peyton got a bunch of new jammies, and the Paw Patrol ones are by far his favorite. I didn’t realize how much he loves Paw Patrol!

Later in the afternoon, Mama got a nice run in! I took advantage of the mild temp to run down to the lake and back, 5 miles!

The kiddos got sleds. At the time we gave them, we didn’t know if there would be any snow! We got to try them out just a few days later.

Allie’s favorite new jammies are her Frozen ones!  
We had a nice Christmas! Saturday night into Sunday after Christmas though were rough. Peyton was up five times that night. Poor baby had an ear infection! He had a cold all week and hadn’t been sleeping well. So I don’t know if he wasn’t sleeping because of being sick or just because. But I felt bad for being unhappy with him not sleeping!

Saturday afternoon we went to play at the library. Allie made sure to show off her new hat, scarf and gloves from Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim!

And from a few days later, we love these jammies! Darth Vader tough guy! The stripes make him look like a jail bird! These were from Grandma and Grandpa Durso.   
Daycare took the week off between Christmas and New Years. Dada stayed home Monday and Tuesday and Mama stayed home Wednesday. Monday was our first major snow fall since the one before Thanksgiving. I drove to work that day and enjoyed the view of the Capitol lit up with the snow all around!

And then it was New Years…


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