This winter has definitely not been normal. We had a big snow storm just before Thanksgiving that melted during Thanksgiving weekend. The temps have been above normal, by a lot some days. I ran outside on my birthday AND on Christmas Day!

But then the Monday after Christmas we got a storm. I drove to work that day and Dada was home with the kids. I didn’t have a hard time getting to work or from work! Its nice that we live closer to work now and don’t have to take the beltline. Its also nice that we have all-wheel drive and new tires!

Anyway, since we got snow, it was time to try the sleds! Aunt Jocie came Wednesday and we played outside.

The kids loved the sleds! Peyton was funny though because we had to help him do everything. When he got to the bottom, we had to get him off the sled and help him back up to the top.

We had a nice little hill on the side of our driveway, which is perfect for sledding. Maybe after they do it a few more times we can take them to a bigger hill!

Why didn’t we take any pictures with Aunt Jocie?

It was pretty nice Wednesday. Not too terribly cold. But cold enough I wish Peyts would wear his hat!
Its been a bit colder since New Years. I wanted to run outside on New Years Eve, but it was a bit too cold and still too much ice. And my body was beat up from shoveling on Tuesday and Wednesday. All in all, the winter hasn’t treated us too bad. Its only been a few days, but not having a garage and having to shovel hasn’t been too bad… but Dada may not agree with me on that. I may change my tune before the end of the winter, but right now I don’t really mind. The car’s remote start and seat warmers help!


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