Leaving 2015 behind 

No need to go into the details. 2015 was a pretty tough year. But I have chosen to forget about the cruddy stuff and take the positives with me.

New years eve we went to the “Noon” Years Eve party at the Fitchburg Library. It was fun! There was a small story time and then we counted down to noon and they had a balloon drop! In between there were a bunch of fun crafts. We decorated party hats and the kids made noise makers. It was a nice way to celebrate with the kids. Afterward we headed home to hang out.


We did another balloon drop before the kids went to bed with the balloons we brought home from the party. The kids covered the balloons with stickers so they were really heavy. They popped in the morning I think because of the stickers.

Saturday was a regular day and we wanted to get the kids out of the house. Dada wasn’t feeling well so I ended up taking the kids later in the afternoon to buy a present for cousin Tyler, whose birthday party was on Sunday, and then to the play area at the mall.

The kids had fun but I don’t think I’ll take them back, at least not by myself! They put in new equipment a few months ago. But there’s too much of it, its too close together and it has a big play house in the middle so you can’t sit on the side and see kids. That wouldn’t be so bad, but there isn’t a gate on the play place and I was hoping that was one of the things they would have improved with they redid it! All those factors combined with being too crowded and with kids who are too big to play there… I was glad to leave. I may complain to the mall at some point. But the kids liked it!
Sunday was Tyler’s birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Swanson’s. Poor Dada was sick all weekend and into the week, so he couldn’t go. 😦

Before we left, we took the kids in to meet Grandma and Grandpa’s kitty Lincoln. The kids love cats! I used the flash so their eyes turned red, but a cute pic of the kids with Grandma and Lincoln!

So the first week of 2016 was pretty rough. But I’m not letting that bother me. This morning I took down the Christmas tree and all the decorations. I don’t remember if I put the picture of to stockings in a post, so I took one before taking them down! I decided to make a stocking for Dada. Hopefully I have it ready for next year!

And Christmas is gone from our house…

Yeah the first week was tough, but we have 51 more. I’ll be posting more about the wrap up of 2015 and goals for 2016. Maybe I should add blogging more to my goals?


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