New year, new goals!

Peyton still at bedtime every night wishes me a happy new year. Its funny the way he says it, “happy yoo yee!” I love it!

I don’t remember any real goals I had for 2015. I decided not to have a mileage or racing goal and just run to enjoy it. I had the usual generic lose weight and save money goals. The losing weight was OK. I lost about 12 pounds between January and April and I do consider it an accomplishment that I maintained the rest of the year without trying! The money didn’t go so well.

But its a new year. And my big goals are a bit more specific and I believe doable.

The most concrete goal is running. I chose a mileage goal of 700 this year. But I’ve been toying with the idea of 750. I want to run two half marathons. The likely choices will be the Her Madison half on June 26 and Madison half Nov. 13. That’s always subject to change though! I also want to run more races. I only ran 4 in 2015 and if I remember correctly only 4 in 2014. I’m already 30 miles into my mileage goal. Monthly mileage would be 58 for 700 and 62.5 for 750. But I won’t go by a desired monthly mileage because I cut back in January and likely February before starting to train in March. I am sure I will meet my yearly mileage goal easily if I use another training program for two half marathons!

My other big goal is weight loss. For real! I have a dress (pictured above) I want to be able to wear to a wedding in July and that is my motivation! I love that dress, though I don’t have any decent pictures wearing it! I weighed in on Jan. 2 at 190. I started tracking my calories last Monday and weighed in about 195. After not even a week, I’ve already lost almost 3 pounds! I want to los 15-20 pounds by July. The dress I want to wear in July is size 12. Right now I’m wearing 14 and 16, so I feel this goal is very doable. Losing 20 pounds would get me back to my pre-Peyts weight too and my lowest ever.

I really kinda hate calorie tracking. I wanted to go to Starbucks yesterday, but after analyzing the menu I decided it was close enough to lunch I should just wait. Better decision, but not as fun! It only took a day to realize why I only maintain weight instead of lose! Those calories add up. But it hasn’t too hard for me to get back into the tracking groove. What I noticed right away is I need to have lower calorie for lunch in particular. We mostly have lunch from dinner leftovers, so lower calorie dinners! Without planning for starting my diet tracking, I picked a couple low calorie meals. I’m not sure I picked great calorie meals for this week, but then I will need to make sure to lower my lunch calories. The main thing is balance.

And I do have some other more general “new year new start” kind of goals. I’m working to get organized in the house. Last weekend we cleaned the kids toyroom. This weekend we’ve worked on the kids room. I want to eventually get our third bedroom cleared out so we can use it! At this point in the winter I think it would be very very nice to make that into another playroom for the kids. We live in a bigger house now, but its still gotten small when we’re stuck inside all the time once winter finally came! So I guess this is more of a major specific goal.

Other general things are to read more, get our finances in order and to just be grateful. Last year was hard. For many reasons. But it really taught me to be grateful for what I have. For my family, my friends. Our jobs, our kids. My husband. The roof over our heads and our reliable car. For the memories. I have various things that have floated around in my head for a while for a blog post on that topic. I suppose really all these things could be considered major goals. Kinda lofty, but I have a good start.


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