Staying put and getting organized

We got the letter last weekend extending us the opportunity to renew our lease. So we decided we will! We are so excited that we get to stay in this great house. We have great neighbors and its a great neighborhood. I am beyond thrilled to not have to pack up and move again!

Since we decided to stay, I’ve gotten renewed motivation to get organized! The weekend before last, the kids (well, Allie) helped me clean up their toy room. 
These pictures were taken this past weekend so its not as clean, but still much better than it was before! When all the toys are out they are literally overflowing!

But the ultimate project of the weekend…

These are pictures of the crawl spaces upstairs off our bedroom. I either just realized or keep forgetting that the spaces have just as much if not more space than we had in the basement in our old house! 

So Sunday I moved almost allllll the stuff out of the third bedroom and put it all up in the crawl spaces. I suppose one might ask why we’re keeping all this stuff when its so difficult to reach… well, we got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved but what is left is stuff I decided we couldn’t part with.

And the result!  
The kids’ new playroom! I’d been working on cleaning at different times the whole time we’ve lived here and I wanted to make it more of an “office” for my computer. But really, for what I do at home, using the laptop on the couch or at the kitchen table works just fine. So the kids have a playroom. I realized over the weekend with us stuck inside all the time in the cold, the more space, the better!

And the kids loooove their new space. Allie liked sitting at my desk to color. And they really like listening to the radio and hanging out. Its pretty cute. We also moved Allie’s big dollhouse into the room so they would have more room to play.

Of course there is still plenty of stuff to do, but this was a MAJOR project and I am excited I finally decided to do it!


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