Monthly Archives: February 2016

A photo a day in March

I need to blog more! I have stuff to post, but it takes forever to get to it. Case in point: Peyton’s birthday was over a week ago! Well I’ve been inspired by people who are much more photo savvy. Even if I’m not a super photog, I take a lot of pictures! So I’m […]

Cookie time!

 We are in the midst of Girl Scout cookie time!  Allie’s sales, well let’s be honest, mine and Dada’s sales, are going way better than expected! We’ve sold 127 boxes and I expect to sell at least a few more. I had set a goal for Allie of 200 boxes. I didn’t know how realistic […]

My big boy in school!?

Today my baby started school!  Peyton has had speech therapy through the county since last spring. But he ages out when he turns 3 this Saturday! Then he goes into the school district. So we have been in the process of having him evaluated and transitioning him into the school services. Based on his evaluation, he […]


We started going to church somewhat regularly around Thanksgiving last year. A combination of events along with our desire to start getting our kids in church made me and Doug decide we should go back to our faith. It seems so basic, but its easy to forget. We are members at St. Maria Goretti Church […]

January was a good start!

I ran 56 miles in January, which is really pretty unheard of for me in the winter. I’m so motivated right now, I hope this lasts until I can start getting outside and really training! Since I was mostly inside on the treadmill and the treadmill has been really hard for me lately, those 56 […]