January was a good start!

I ran 56 miles in January, which is really pretty unheard of for me in the winter. I’m so motivated right now, I hope this lasts until I can start getting outside and really training! Since I was mostly inside on the treadmill and the treadmill has been really hard for me lately, those 56 miles were slower overall than I’ve been in the last few months. But 56 is a January PR for me! My previous Januaries have ranged from 37.5 in 2012 to 0 in 2013 (when I was in my last month of pregnancy).  I also did well in my calorie tracking mission. I started on Jan. 11 at 195.6, about 5.5 pounds above my weight when I stopped tracking last April. Last week I logged 189.2, which is 1 pound below that low mark from April 2015. Today, however, I’m back at 190.4. Its OK though. I didn’t do well with eating this week. And fluctuations are normal.  As an aside, shoveling snow isn’t as bad as I thought it would be! It’s a great workout. And the fresh snow is pretty!

But really, 5 pounds in a month is great! That is my goal of 1 pound a week! So I don’t get mad when I gained this week and I just keep working toward my goal. I’m actually hoping to accelerate my goal of wearing my black dress in July to being able to wear it in March. Doug’s work is having a fancy party on March 5. I don’t really know how realistic it is to think I could wear that size 12 dress one month from today. But I will try! My other goal that has actually become a pretty big goal of organizing the house has started out well too! A few weeks ago I cleaned out our third bedroom to finally use as a playroom and last weekend I organized three closets.   In particular our coat closet organization has made me so happy. I feel silly saying an organized closet makes me happy, but before when things would just get tossed in the closet in a pile it drove me crazy. I took some plastic drawers from my closet to use in the coat closet because there isn’t any kind of shelving in there. Of course I need to find somewhere to put the stuff I took out from my closet!

We have three other closets I might like to organize. I would also like to organize what have become the “junk” areas of the kitchen, two drawers and a cabinet. There’s also a kitchen stuff cabinet that I need to work on as well. Now that I’m using all the storage upstairs there’s no reason why the downstairs can’t be better organized!

Today we dropped off our lease renewal. It’s such a load off to know we don’t have to move this year! 2016 has gotten off to a great start!


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