My big boy in school!?

Today my baby started school!  Peyton has had speech therapy through the county since last spring. But he ages out when he turns 3 this Saturday! Then he goes into the school district. So we have been in the process of having him evaluated and transitioning him into the school services. Based on his evaluation, he was placed into the phonology group, which meets four days a week for an hour. It goes four weeks on, four weeks off. The group works on the sounds of the words. Right now a lot of what Peyton says is unintelligible. So this is supposed to help that.  Funny, before we started this process, I was thinking we wouldn’t put him in school until 4K like we did with Allie. I had forgotten the phonology group was mentioned when we had our transition meeting. So now he’s in preschool!It’s actually a good thing having him in school. He will get the help he needs with speech and he will get more socialization. Peyton has been budding independence recently. He likes getting his outdoor gear on by himself, though it takes time!  And he is still very excited about his new Paw Patrol backpack! He just keeps growing up.   The first day was a little rough. He seemed happy enough to go in the room and take his coat off, but he started crying when the teachers asked him to join the group. Doug and I hadn’t even moved to leave yet. The teachers said we should just go and not say goodbye. That made me a little sad as we left but I knew that was the best way. The teacher emailed later in the day and told us he was emotional after we left but he warmed up when they gave him extra toys to play with and he joined the group activities about halfway through. She said it might be tough for about a week but it’s normal. That made us feel better!

Maybe the most nerve-wracking part of this is that he has to take the bus. We dropped him off today because we had to sign some papers. He took the bus to daycare after. He was fine on the bus! The kids are buckled in and Bridget had to get him off and she took this picture for us. My heart is still melting when I look at it! How is my baby big enough for any of this? He will take the bus from daycare and then back to daycare after. I can’t wait until he starts telling us about his day! I know he will be just fine. 


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