Cookie time!

 We are in the midst of Girl Scout cookie time! 

Allie’s sales, well let’s be honest, mine and Dada’s sales, are going way better than expected! We’ve sold 127 boxes and I expect to sell at least a few more. I had set a goal for Allie of 200 boxes. I didn’t know how realistic that was. I certainly never sold that many as a scout! I don’t know if we will make 200, but we will certainly get close!  In Daisies parents still do most of the work. But Allie is doing the sorting and taking some money and other organizational things. She’s doing very well!  Here we are doing direct sales. We ordered cookies at the start so we can deliver right away. It’s actually worked much better than I expected. We can reorder each week and I’ve had to reorder twice. I’m not sure if I will have to reorder this week. It is a little scary though that we are responsible to pay for the ones we don’t sell! 

 Oh the temptation! We’ve only had four boxes so far and one we donated. We will buy more I am sure!

We have been told the cookie sale should find our troop for the year. We will get at least $0.63 per box profit and could get $0.75 if we get a high enough troop average. Allie is qualifying for a number of prizes but as the leader I am more excited about the troop funds! The sale goes through March 20. we have already delivered to Rockton once but have potential to deliver to friends in the Roscoe/Rocktom area one more time and also Southern Illinois when we go down there for spring break.   Even if you’ve already bought cookies, you know you want more! Ours are the ABC Bakers, which several people have told me is better than the bakers for Illinois Girl Scouts. So order more! You can’t have too many cookies. I hear they freeze well but mine never last long enough to make it into the freezer. 


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