Monthly Archives: March 2016

Photo a day in review 

Well I didn’t post a photo every day… I did pretty well and even until vacation. And of course I haven’t written about vacation. We did a lot of stuff last week! So photo a day in March ends today with the end of March. And I accomplished what I wanted. I recorded the memories […]

Big boy swing!

Apparently Peyton swings on the big swing now! That’s quite a surprise! Wonder when he learned that?  He loves the swing.       

Spring break!

We started spring break with a busy day! Mama put together Peyton’s tricycle this morning.      This afternoon Allie had an eye exam. She doesn’t need glasses yet but she will need them in a year or two.   Allie did great! When we got home we surprised Peyton with his trike put together! He was very […]

Just Mama and the kids

Dada and Uncle Save went to the casino in Dubuque tonight. Aunt  Jeni  and the kids were going to come but poor Tyler fell and hit his head and had to stay home and rest. So tonight it’s just Mama and the kids. This afternoon we went to Madtown Twisters for open gym. To say […]

Allie’s bus

Peyton’s favorite activity is going outside. And if it’s going outside to watch for Allie’s bus it’s even better.  Today he wanted to get all ready with his backpack even though his school is off right now and when it’s on, he doesn’t ride that bus. I think he’ll be more than ready for that […]

March Madness-Durso style

It’s tourney time! In this house that means family bracket time!  In past years we have done coin flips for Peyton’s bracket. Our approach this year is much the same… Give him the mascots and he always picks the second of the pairing.  Allie picks mascots too and this year wanted to write hers. I’m not […]

My budding reader

Allie is in a reading class at school. She was a little behind… Admittedly maybe because we hadn’t been working with her much. Or maybe not just because of that.  I don’t know.   But she has made tons of improvement in just a few weeks and I couldn’t be more proud. We try to work […]