Now he’s 3

Just like the first two weeks of his life, the last two weeks and a few days have flown by! And coincidentally enough, I abandoned my photo a day streak very early in the month. But I’ve got a few on tap for today!

On Peyton’s third birthday, after doughnuts for breakfast we headed to open gym at Legacy Academy in Fitchburg. We were meeting others from Daisies to turn in cookie money and meet some new girls so made this a family activity. Both kids had a blast. Couldn’t get many pictures though because I only had my phone and that doesn’t work for action shots. Allie was there too but moving too fast.
Then we had birthday lunch at Ella’s Deli.

After lunch we ended up staying home the rest of the day in favor of Peyton napping, except for taking Allie to a birthday party. Birthday dinner was spaghetti and then store-bought cupcakes since I didn’t have time to bake that day.

Peyton sure didn’t care the source of the cupcakes! Not pictured… All the crumbs!

Sunday I baked a cake and we had much the same scene. We decided to have his party the following weekend since Allie went to two birthday parties the same weekend as Peyton’s birthday! That was a good week to be born! More birthday recap to come.


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