The making of the puppy cake

Not quite two weeks after his party, Mama presents the making of the puppy cake. 

We decided to have a little family party the week after Peyton’s birthday. Dada wouldn’t let me order a cake so I had to make it myself. We had regular cake on his birthday so what could I make for his party? Peyton loves Paw Patrol so my idea was a dog bone. But it would have been humongous. So I looked up more ideas and decided even with my lack of cake decorating skill I could construct a puppy cake.   I was afraid we were in for a bad start when the first layer came out like this! But the second layer and all cupcakes were fine.   I baked on Saturday and the puppy was born Sunday. I used two chocolate cake mixes and three tubs of vanilla frosting. Dada had to go to the store Sunday to get the third frosting. 

I frosted the bottom later and put on the top and frosted that. I put the broken layer on the bottom and was able to fill in holes with frosting.    I frosted the side and then added the cupcakes, two next to each other for ears and one each at the bottom for feet.   I did two layers of frosting to smooth it out and construct the ears and feet. Then I stopped taking pictures because time was running short!  And the finished product! Junior mints and York peppermint patties were used for the eyes, paws and spots and since I have no future as a cake decorator I just got a tube of blue frosting and declaring tip and drew on the face. I didn’t draw too well so he looks more like a cat.   But I’m happy with how it turned out! I turned the extra cupcakes into paws.  And puppy or kitty… Peyton loved it!      Just look at his face! Love it!   It was nice! Peyton loved having everyone here, we all did! And he got some cool stuff!    He got Paw Patrol hat, sunglasses and swim trunks! Can’t wait for summer! Mama sure looks cool!   The cake lasted a while. I was actually glad when we finished it. We were a little cakes out, if there is such a thing! It was a nice birthday celebration and now it’s a daily struggle to navigate age 3. Oy I remembered 3 being worse than 2, but oh the tantrums! Oh the emotion!



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