Family fun weekend

Allie lost her fourth tooth today! It came out in her cheeseburger at lunch. We stuck it on a napkin and then Mama forgot and threw away the napkin! Luckily Dada retrieved it so we could give it to the tooth fairy! And the tooth fairy didn’t forget!   Last night we went to a family movie night at a local church. The movie was Minions and we had a good time! This pic below is at the beginning of the movie when Peyton was sitting nicely. They say on their blankets and had snacks. That didn’t last the whole night though. He was running around and spilling his juice box. But for the most part he was good.  When we got home Peyton wanted to lay down in the living room and watch another movie. But they went to bed instead.   Today was the time change and it’s going to be a rough week adjusting. 


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