March Madness-Durso style

It’s tourney time! In this house that means family bracket time!  In past years we have done coin flips for Peyton’s bracket. Our approach this year is much the same… Give him the mascots and he always picks the second of the pairing.  Allie picks mascots too and this year wanted to write hers. I’m not sure any of us, her included, know what a lot of it says. But it’s fun! This is Peyton’s bracket. He helped color his. It also took a while because he lost interest in the middle. His chosen champion is Wosconsin! Mama may have bullied him into it though… That was one where no matter what order he was given, he kept choosing the Owls of Temple.  And Allie’s bracket compete with sweet little hearts. Her champion is the Rainbows of Hawaii. I think I can decipher she has them playing Gonzaga in the final game. 

Mama and Dada need to pick a bracket wager. Last year Dada won. This year we both have the Carolina Tarheels winning it all, but our brackets look quite different. May the best Durso win!


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